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Hello! Either you are accidentally or on purpose entering this website, Dayta says welcome!

Dayta is a company that focus in helping our clients to become more productive by enabling their communication and collaboration technologies. Starting with Microsoft Office 365, we are expanding our passion to Modern Desktop, Enterprise Mobility and Security, and related on-premise technologies.

Behind Dayta there are passionate people with strong technical experience that can become your trusted partner in achieving your goals.

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Our Solutions

Office 365

Cloud is the next big thing, and you’re not the only one who is considering to move your workloads to cloud especially your communication and productivity workloads. Dayta has wide experience in Office 365 implementation starting from Office 365 setup, hybrid configuration to fully migration to cloud.

And beyond that, you can increase your Office 365 security since we can help you in optimizing the security features such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and O365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and O365 Azure Information Protection (AIP).

Modern Desktop

Modern Desktop

Windows has always become the chosen client desktop by so many organizations. If you’re one of them and plan to upgrade your Windows client version to Windows 10, Dayta can provide you the services you need regarding your desktop upgrade.

Windows 10 is not only the newest Windows client version, but it is probably the best in the market with is mobility friendly and advanced security enhancements. Contact us to know how you can optimize your Windows 10 Enterprise security features.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

Many organizations go mobile where they allow their employees to work anywhere from any devices without limiting their access to organization resources. Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) is the solution for organizations to support mobility and making sure that organizational data is well securedat rest and on the fly.

Dayta is experienced in implementing EMS solution starting from Intune as its mobile device management, Azure Information Protection (AIP) to protect data and make sure only entitled user can access the data, to Advanced Threat Analytics and Protection where organizations can analyse possible threat within their domain network.

EMS Enterprise Mobility Security
Microsoft On Premise

Microsoft On-Premise Infrastructure

Whether your organization is an existing user of Microsoft on premise infrastructure technologies, or on its way in adopting Microsoft technologies stack, Dayta is your best partner.

Our skill spans from Active Directory to on-premise Exchange Mail Server, Skype for Business, Sharepoint implementation and maintenance so you can have peace of mind while we doing it for you.

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